Just Women, Fondazione Luciana Matalon Milano 
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Rebellion, motherhood, beauty standards, female body, religion, freedom, politics, history and fashion. All in a unique project that sees women as the main protagonists of it. Behind every work you may find different and thrilling stories, brought to light by that fascinating point of view that is photography, and every shade of its expression: documentary, artistic projects, fashion and portraiture. Every female artist involved will leave something inside of your eyes and minds, in a very peculiar and violent way at times. Every piece exposed is not only a pure form of virtuosity and diversity in photography, because of the technique involved, but also a very deep and personal voyage in the life of its creators themselves. You will be able to experience different countries and stories, all depicted in what is one of the most important and recognized language: photography. 

Just Women welcomes you in Milan, one of the most vital destinations for art lovers. Internationally famous for being one of the world's capitals of design and fashion, in the last years, Milan has become a reference point also for visual arts and a crossroads of new trends. As part of Collater.al Photography 2023, Just Women will present the work of 26 photographers from all over the world at Fondazione Luciana Matalon gallery, in central Milan, few steps from the city castle (Castello Sforzesco).