Darkness. Literally it means lack of light. Over time I have realized that I cannot produce another kind of concept better than this. I can't work on the joy of living if I know that there is a limbo in our mind, a shadowy zone that contains all our fears. An undefined zone between dark and light where all our worst nightmares blur together. I think that's one of the most interesting things ever. My photographic work starts in 2018. It is an introspective journey in which I try to bring out my fears. “Everything is dark” it is a collection of emotions in which I tried to convey specific sensations through visually simple and well-defined images. I decided to combine dark and profound themes  such as loneliness, death and fear, with a naive themes like youth, occultism and seduction. The intention is to bring out the contrast between what is real and what you want to make believe it is real. All the images I made are designed, they are all constructed, there is nothing captured or random. And there is always a specific intention to provoke an emotional reaction or a memory. The research behind each image are unconscious emotions. Those emotions that remain trapped in the human psyche and that are hardly accessible to our inner self. This kind of emotions operates exclusively without any activity of consciousness, but they often have the opportunity to come out of our minds in the form of oneiric images or fears. I’m not being able to work on my dreams, I was however able to work on my fears, and for this reason I considered it essential to induce myself to a form of conscious dreaming through hypnosis. I believe that the dream is one of the most complex, but also the most complete, means to really know oneself by observing our mind without any kind of coherence, logic or morality. My work is a constant research on themes filtered by the power of our memories and our dreams and the effect they have on people. I tried to filter delicate and intimate topics with images with very strong references because I would like people to be rewarded visually, but also to recognize themselves in certain situations or emotions. 

In recent years I have loved working on details. Skin, fabrics and liquids. I have a strong tendency to take inspiration from cinema, especially from David Lynch and Lars Von Trier, but my immense inspiration has always been nature and the study of light. I like strong colors and intense combinations. My goal is to render a very dramatic concept through seemingly delicate images. Fun fact: when I come up with an idea that starts to scare me it means I'm doing a good job.

Short Bio
After graduating in Communication Sciences at the European Institute of Design in Milan, I moved to a small town near Cork, living with the Somerville family in the countryside of Southern Ireland, in Drishane house. Living in such an isolated and melancholic environment, overlooking the Celtic Sea, developed very specific artistic and emotional tendencies in me. Back in Italy I started working as a creative in the field of advertising, this led me to expand my skills in various creative fields of communication, in my case in particular art direction and photography. In 2018 I won the LensCulture Emerging Talents Awards. I exhibited some of my work at Klompching Gallery in New York and following that I started participating in events and exhibitions including Art Basel, Les Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles, Shanghai Photo Fair, Paris Photo and Milano Photo week. In 2019 I participate in the first edition of Fresheyes sponsored by Gup magazine and I start working with curators and art galleries, especially for the Asian market. Today I am lucky enough to work with some of the most incredible personalities for The New York Times, Sony, Penguin Random House, Google, Young&Rubicam, Domus, (...) I currently live in Milan.